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Discover how to see Northern Lights across the world, including best times, best places and Aurora Borealis forecast info.

Aurora Borealis in
USA, Alaska, Canada

Find out when, where to see Northern Lights in the USA, Alaska & Canada, with our region-specific guides for camping, touring and staying.

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Aurora Borealis in
Scandinavia & Europe

Find out when, where to see Northern Lights in Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia & Europe, plus sightseeing and travel tips.

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Aurora Australis in
Southern Hemisphere

Explore the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) in Australia, New Zealand, Patagonia & Antarctica, with our aurora-spotting and travel help.


For a successful aurora-hunting trip, there are 3 essential parameters you need to get right: location, month and year. Start your northern lights trip planning with these three articles, where we explain how to get these basic requirements for your aurora vacation right.

Start with Our 3 Essential Aurora-Hunting Guides:

Then Check Out These Advanced Aurora-Hunting Guides:

best northern lights app

How to Choose a Good Northern Lights App

Improve your chances of seeing the aurora with a good Northern Lights app. We review several apps for forecasting and predicting aurora borealis, with tips on choosing the best mobile app for your needs. In...

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North America, comprising Alaska, Canada and the US Mainland are some of the most popular and accessible places in the world to see Northern Lights. Start planning your trip to see the aurora borealis in Alaska, Canada or USA Lower 48 with these articles. View all Northern Lights America & Canada articles.


It’s no secret that Scandinavia and Nordic Europe are the crème de la crème of aurora-hunting destinations in the world. Start planning your trip to see the breathtaking northern lights in Northern Europe with these location-specific guides. View all Northern Lights Scandinavia & Europe articles.


Notoriously elusive and difficult to catch, the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) in the Southern Hemisphere presents the ultimate challenge for aurora-hunters. Start planning your strategy for the Southern Lights with these guides for Australia, NZ, Patagonia and Antarctica. View all Aurora Australis articles.

where can you see the southern lights

When & Where Can You See the Southern Lights Aurora?

You’ve heard of Northern Lights, but what about Southern Lights? In this complete guide to the Aurora Australis we answer your questions, including what are the Southern Lights, and when and where can you see the Southern Lights aurora. When we think of the aurora,...

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southern lights argentina chile

How to See the Southern Lights ARGENTINA & CHILE

Wondering how to see the Southern Lights Argentina & Chile? In this guide, we explain how, when and where you can see the southern lights in Argentina & Chile, plus a few travel tips and tour options. Home to the most southern town in the...

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Choosing the right location is essential to seeing the Northern Lights. With our carefully researched and written articles, you will understand the science behind the Aurora and learn where to see Northern Lights around the world, so you can choose the best places for your aurora vacation.

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Location is just one part of the equation. You also have to make sure you choose the best time to see Northern Lights. Our articles and guides explain when to see Northern Lights, and best time of year to see the Aurora based on various environmental factors including solar activity, weather and daylight hours.

northern lights trip PLANNING

We share information about Northern Lights travel services including tours, accommodation, cruises and vacation packages to help you choose the best one for your needs and budget. From cheap stays to luxury experiences, from Canada to Iceland, we bring it together in one place to make your Aurora Borealis trip planning easy and enjoyable. 

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