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Independent travel advice for your Northern Lights trip.

Aurora Tracks is dedicated to helping you see Northern Lights, with reliable travel advice based on aurora borealis science.

We cover everything you need to know to plan your perfect Aurora Borealis trip. With detailed articles, we explain when, where to see Northern Lights and the best times and best places to go, to give you the very best chance of seeing the spectacular Northern Lights with your own eyes.

We are not a travel agent. Rather, we are fellow travelers who want to share accurate information to help you plan the best Northern Lights vacation possible. Aurora Tracks was born out of the noise and confusion of the world of travel information, where it is difficult to tell what is authentic helpful information and what is travel marketing hype.

Whether you are planning a vacation to see Northern Lights in North America or Scandinavia, or even the Southern Lights down under, then our articles will help get you there at the right place and time of year.

About the Editor

Aurora Tracks Producer & Editor: Pentikäinen

Hi, my name is Pentikäinen and I am the producer and editor of Aurora Tracks.

Pentikäinen at the Arctic Snow Hotel (Lapland, Finland)

If you have a bit of knowledge about Nordic Europe, you might have recognised that my name is Finnish. The more astute of you may have noticed that I am now using Australian/British English. That is because I am a Finnish-Australian. My family is originally from Finland, but I was born and live in Australia. This places me in a unique position with regard to the Aurora: I have Finnish heritage where the Aurora Borealis has been a part of our culture and spiritual belief system for hundreds of years, yet I live in Australia in relatively close proximity to that rarer phenomenon the Aurora Australis.

In 2015, I planned a vacation to Finland with the primary motivation of seeing the Aurora Borealis. I had never seen the Northern Lights before, but had been yearning to see them my whole life. I planned the best vacation I could with the limited information available to me, but it wasn’t good enough. I spent months anticipating and dreaming of the moment I could sit beneath those mystical lights. I booked some days in Finnish Lapland, and spent a bucket-load of money on a glass igloo, snow hotel and tours to see the lights. But it never happened. During our stay the entire region was covered in snow cloud and it was snowing the whole time. One night, we saw the Aurora vaguely through the cloud cover above, but that was the best we got. I cried for days, at a time when I should have been enjoying the time of my life.

I don’t want you to book an expensive Northern Lights trip and not see the Aurora, because I have been there and I know how disappointing it feels.

In hindsight, I noticed that it was very difficult to find unbiased, practical information about Northern Lights travel. The information is either too scientific or too biased from travel agents. After some later research, I learnt that I chose a bad time of year renowned for heavy snowfall (January) and we did not spend enough days in the right region (only 2 nights in Rovaniemi). The odds were not great.

To stop you from making the same mistake I did, I created this website. I don’t want you to book an expensive Northern Lights holiday and not see the Aurora, because I have been there and I know how disappointing it feels. No matter when or where you go you are never guaranteed to see Northern Lights. But by careful forward planning with reliable information, you can give yourself the very best chance of seeing them. It is that information that I share with you here. While I do not write every article myself, I do personally vet every single article written here, to ensure there is no risk of you getting wrong or misleading information.

Aurora Tracks Mission & Vision

  • Our #1 priority is and always will our readers.
  • Our #1 goal is to give readers the clarity and information they need to plan a vacation to see the Aurora Borealis.
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  • Aurora Tracks will always be transparent and honest in our reviews or discussion of travel services.
  • Aurora Tracks will only promote services that we would personally feel confident using and booking ourselves.
  • Aurora Tracks will promote eco-friendly travel practices and local travel businesses where appropriate.

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