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World’s Best Hotels To See Northern Lights

best hotels to see northern lights

Wondering where to stay during your aurora vacation? In this article, we share some of the world’s best hotels to see Northern Lights from around the Arctic circle.

Chasing the aurora borealis is an exciting adventure, but the reality is that wherever you are going to see them, it will probably be really cold. And we mean really cold. Especially if you are going in mid-winter. So naturally, a huge part of your travel planning means choosing a good place to stay.

The good news is that there are heaps of places to stay in the auroral zone, wherever you choose to see the Northern Lights, where you can keep comfortable even when outside is below freezing. But if you want the very best accommodation during your trip, then you might want to have a look at these Northern Lights hotels.

Here we have rounded up a list of the most popular and highly rated hotels and resorts, designed with Aurora Hunters like you in mind. Each hotel in this list has been carefully chosen because it offers some benefit for aurora viewing, whether it is a secluded location, glass walls or ceilings, or trips to aurora viewing locations.

EUROPE Best Hotels to See Northern Lights

Hotel Ranga, Iceland

Where: Hella, Iceland

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Every year, thousands of people make their way to the Hotel Ranga, in order to experience the northern lights firsthand.

The hotel is located far away from any light pollution sources, which makes viewing the aurora borealis a more enjoyable experience. The hotel is very charming, and there is even a wake-up service that will knock on your door whenever the northern lights are visible.

The Hotel Ranga is located in Hella, a mere 90-minute drive from the capital city of Reykjavik. There is very little light pollution this far away from the Metropolitan center of Iceland. Known for its observatory, gourmet restaurants, and outdoor hot tubs, the Hotel Ranga has a little bit of something for everyone.

Treehotel, Sweden

Where: Lulea, Sweden

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The Treehotel is a popular destination for those looking to view the northern lights, with little light pollution and quirky rooms.

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This northern Swedish hotel is situated far enough away from major cities, to ensure that there is very little light pollution to interfere with the viewing of the northern lights. The surrounding wilderness provides some of the most breathtaking views of the Lule River valley.

You will have your choice of different themed suites, which include a UFO, Bird’s Nest, Blue Cone, as well as a Seventh room, which provides panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. One of their most popular attractions Is the Mirror Cube, which is composed entirely of highly reflective windows. From the outside, it appears to blend in with the surrounding treetops, but from the inside, it provides one of the most awe-inspiring views of the aurora borealis and surrounding forests.

There is nothing more peaceful than spending time in the forests. As kids, we spend days building and practically living in our own treehouses, which is why so many people make their way to the Treehotel in Lulea. Not only does the hotel provide some of the most unique-looking rooms in the entire country, but they have a lot of excellent things to keep you busy.

Malangen Resort, Norway

Where: Meistervik, Norway

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Every year, countless individuals make their way to the Malangen Resort near Tromso to catch a view of the aurora borealis.

During the daytime, friends and family can hang out and enjoy a life of luxury, while at night time they can sit back and enjoy the view of the northern lights. There are a number of different excursions that take you out into the wilderness, including one that will take you up to Camp Nikka, which is the best location in the region to view the aurora borealis.

You will find the popular Malangen Resort, situated only 90 minutes south of the city of Tromso. The tiny village of Meistervik, Norway, is one of the more popular destinations for aurora hunters. There are a number of different rooms and apartments to choose from, that are situated all over the mountainside. While some of them overlook the fjord below, others provide truly amazing views of the aurora borealis. There are a number of watch excursions available, and the resort even offers a wake-up service when the lights are visible.

Nellim Wilderness Hotel, Finland

Where: Nellim, Finland

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The Nellim Wilderness Hotel is a small, family-run business that is located far away from any major cities.

As a result, the hotel gets very little light pollution, making it one of the best destinations in the region for aurora hunting. Because of the popularity of the Nellim Wilderness Hotel, the site also features a well-developed Aurora Camp, which provides some amazing views of the northern skies.

Situated along the shores of Lake Inari, you will find the popular Nellim Wilderness Hotel. This charming retreat features rustic cabins complete with a kitchen, sauna, fireplace, as well as a sitting area. Spend your days relaxing in harmony with the surrounding nature, and spend your nights watching the skies for the northern lights. The Nellim Wilderness Hotel is a perfect destination for both couples and families, looking for the ultimate getaway.

Hotel Húsafell, Iceland

Where: Húsafell, Iceland

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The Hotel Húsafell can be found near the Borgarfjordur, which features some of the darkest night skies in the area.

The 48-room hotel, provides all of the modern furnishings you need and also features original artwork by a local artist. Because of its location, the Hotel Húsafell is one of the most popular destinations in Iceland for viewing the aurora borealis. Visitors are able to view the northern lights on no less than 3 evenings every single week during the peak season.

You will find the fabulous Hotel Húsafell in the western part of Iceland. Its location makes it a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to check out the Hraunfossar waterfalls or the Langjokull icecap. The hotel itself is powered entirely from alternative energy, as it receives its power from a hydroelectric spring. During the wintertime, the local geothermal activity provides both hot water and warmth. There are also geothermal pools a few minutes’ walk from the hotel, and a number of amazing restaurants in the nearby village.

NORTH AMERICA Best Hotels to See Northern Lights

Blachford Lake Lodge, Canada

Where: Yellowknife, Canada

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Some of the best spots to view the aurora in the entire world can be found in the Northwest Territories. And one of the best hotels to see Northern Lights in this region is the Blachford Lake Lodge.

Nestled along the shores of beautiful Blachford Lake, this popular destination is located just inside the auroral oval, making it one of the best spots for viewing the aurora. The only way to get to this destination is by floatplane. Once you arrive, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable stay in some of the finest rooms and Yellowknife. The rooms feature expansive views of the surrounding wilderness, and the viewing decks above the Lodge are perfect for viewing the northern lights.

The vast majority of land that is located within the auroral oval, can be found in Canada, which is why Canada is known for producing some of the brightest displays of light. Very few destinations in the world can guarantee that you will see the northern lights, even during a week’s long stay. And while there is no guarantee, the aurora borealis is known to appear more frequently over Yellowknife, than any other place in the world.

Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska

Where: Fairbanks, Alaska

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This breathtaking resort is known as one of the best destinations for those seeking to view the aurora borealis, and considered by many to be the best hotel for Northern Lights in Alaska.

The Chena Hot Springs Resort is a popular destination located just outside of Fairbanks. The resort and spa feature natural hot springs, an indoor pool, and even hot tubs. While you are at the Chena Hot Springs Resort you can relax in comfort by simply booking a private massage. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world make their way to the Chena Hot Springs Resort just to spend time in the mineral baths.

Fairbanks, Alaska is one of the more popular destinations for anyone wishing to view the aurora borealis. There are many great spots in and around the city, which are devoted especially to auroral hunters. The Chena Hot Springs Resort sets itself apart from those other destinations, because of its natural hot springs and ice museum. Best of all, the Chena Hot Springs Resort is one of the only accommodations in the region that is powered entirely by geothermal energy.

Inn on The Lake, Canada

Where: Whitehorse, Canada

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Situated in one of the most popular destinations in Canada for aurora hunting, the Inn on the Lake can be found along the eastern shorelines of Marsh Lake.

Not only does the Inn provide some of the finest accommodations in the region, but its location allows for the viewing of the northern lights directly from inside the Lodge. There is no need to get into a shuttle to go somewhere else when you can simply sit next to a warm fire and see the waves of light through the window. The Inn on the Lake also offers a number of activities including dog sledding, snowmobiling, as well as ice fishing.

Imagine yourself snapping on a set of snowshoes that you borrowed from the Lodge, and heading out on a journey into the Yukon wilderness. The Inn on the Lake is the perfect destination for anyone looking to view the northern lights in the evening and get closer to nature during the day. The rustic hotel offers some of the best views of the aurora borealis, which can even be seen clearly from your bedroom. With so many naturalist things to see and do in and around the Lodge, it’s no wonder the Inn is a popular destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Hotel Alyeska, Alaska

Where: Fairbanks, Alaska

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The Hotel Alyeska is a well-known getaway in Fairbanks Alaska. The hotel features a Nordic spa, Whirlpool, a saltwater pool, as well as a fitness center.

When most people think about Alaska, the first thing that comes to mind are the glaciers, mountains, and the untapped wilderness that stretches out for hundreds of miles in all directions. The Hotel Alyeska is located in the middle of all of that majestic beauty but provides many of the luxuries of life that you have come accustomed to. Not only can you go skiing, hiking across the glacier, and view wildlife up close and personal, but you will also have the ability to enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the northern lights.

Guests will be able to enjoy high-speed Internet and all of the rooms and can enjoy some of the finest dining in Fairbanks at the popular Seven Glaciers Restaurant. There are plenty of open spaces around the Hotel Alyeska to enjoy, including walking paths and trails and a 60-passenger aerial tram.

Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge, Alaska

Where: Fairbanks, Alaska

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One of the best ways to enjoy the remote wilderness of Alaska is by staying in the Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge.

Situated north of Fairbanks, this excellent destination is powered entirely by alternative energy. For those looking to experience the natural beauty of Alaska up close and personal, all of the necessary gear and equipment that you will need on your adventure can be procured from the Lodge. At the Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge, you can relax by yourself, with a family, or even go on a guided tour with a group during your stay.

The Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge is located 200 miles to the north of Fairbanks Alaska. While there are a number of excellent destinations right in Fairbanks, the round-trip flight to the Lodge takes you well into the Arctic Circle and provides some of the best views of the aurora borealis. Because of its remote location, you will have to fly from Fairbanks to the Lodge, but the cost of the flight is included in the stay. For someone who wants a truly Arctic adventure, the Lodge offers several cabins that are actually located inside the popular Gates of the Arctic National Park.

Borealis Basecamp, Alaska

Where: Fairbanks, Alaska

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The Borealis Basecamp is a popular destination in Alaska. Every year, thousands of people make their way to Fairbanks just to check out the northern lights.

 As a result, the Borealis Basecamp has been built around providing the perfect experience for those looking to view the aurora borealis. Thanks to the Borealis watchers, all guests will be notified when the lights are visible and can view them in comfort from the geodesic igloo.

There is something amazing about viewing the untamed Alaskan wilderness. The Borealis Basecamp is located only 25 miles outside of the city, which is the perfect distance to view the aurora borealis, without having to worry about light pollution from the city. The Basecamp is located on 100 acres of forest land, which provides visitors with a truly immersive experience.

Not only do they provide free wireless Internet in all of the rooms, but there are also private bathrooms, complimentary hot cocoa and tea, free breakfast, and a number of activities that are perfect for kids and families.

Final Thoughts on Northern Lights Hotels

This wraps up our list of some of the best Hotels to see Northern Lights across the world. Of course, there are heaps of other options that are totally worth checking out as well.

Although these are listed as the best Northern Lights hotels, just remember that where you stay never guarantees that you will see the aurora. Whether you stay in a fancy resort or camp in the snow doesn’t affect whether the lights appear in the sky. It can however make your stay a whole lot more fun. Ultimately, the best hotel for northern lights is one where the lights are visible, and that requires planning on your part.

In all cases, for the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights, make sure you travel at the right time of year and to the right places to see the aurora. As long as you choose accommodation that sticks within these limits, and spend at least 3-4 nights there, you should have a great opportunity to see the lights.

Want a challenge? How about a stay in one of these great Northern Lights ice igloo hotels instead.

Happy travels!

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