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FAIRBANKS ALASKA Northern Lights Tours Directory [2024-2025]

fairbanks alaska northern lights tours

Hunting for Fairbanks Alaska northern lights tours? In this travelers directory, we share our favorite short aurora-spotting tours departing from Fairbanks AK, for the 2024-2025 season.

Fairbanks Alaska is one of the most popular destinations in the world for viewing the northern lights. Each year visitors from all over the globe make their way to the city to witness the natural phenomenon firsthand. As a result, there are countless northern lights tours operating in hand around the Fairbanks area, that offer an extensive array of different experiences.

In this guide, we compile the most popular Fairbanks Alaska northern lights tours you can book into, from budget to premium, from bus tours to small flights. Whatever your tour style, there’s likely to be something here to pique your interest, so let’s have a look.

Tips for Choosing Great Fairbanks Alaska Northern Lights Tours

Why Fairbanks Alaska Northern Lights Tours are Worth It

Due to the tilt of the earth, more of North America is located well within the auroral oval, which results in an increased chance of capturing a glimpse of the ghostly lights as they dance through the night skies.

This might leave you wondering why a northern lights Fairbanks tour is necessary at all. Why not just go for a walk or a short drive to look at the aurora yourself?

With the help of an experienced guide, who will take you out into the Alaskan wilderness, you will be able to increase the chances of witnessing the spectacular display even more than going it alone. These tours are often run by local northern lights experts who are intimately familiar with the lay of the land and have access to the finest viewing locations, plus very good understanding of aurora forecasts.

Many of these Fairbanks Alaska northern lights tours also include extras like cozy campfires, drinks, snacks and activities like ice fishing, not to mention transport so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

northern lights fairbanks tour chena hot springs alaska
Enjoy a northern lights Fairbanks tour combined with the famous Chena Hot Springs (pictured) in Alaska.

What to Look for in a Great Northern Lights Fairbanks Tour

When it comes to selecting the best northern lights Tours in Fairbanks, there are several factors that you can take into consideration.


You have a wide selection of options available that range from a few hours to several days. Make sure to select a duration that matches your particular budget and lifestyle.

Price Range

At the same time, the various tour services offer a wide array of different competitive prices. Keep in mind that the cheaper the price is, the shorter it may be. At the same time, more expensive tours generally come with a large selection of add-on amenities and activities.

Departure Point

You’ll want to make sure that you confirm the departure point of your particular tour to make sure that it is convenient for you. While some tour providers may pick you up at your hotel, others will require that you meet them at a specific destination in town.

Type of Tour

Several different types of tours are available throughout Fairbanks including bus tours, cruises, as well as small-group excursions. Keep in mind that cruises are not available during the peak of the winter season due to sea ice.

Included Activities

While some tour packages include only a bus ride, others may also include a wide array of other activities including backpacking, meals, and so much more.

ice fishing
TIP: To enhance your experience, look for added activities such as ice-fishing or snow-shoeing.

Fairbanks Alaska Northern Lights Tours in 2024-2025

Budget and Mid-Range Aurora Tours (<$1,000)

Northern Alaska Tour Company


Season: August to April

Price: $339 

Duration: 19 hours 

Tour Type: Small-group bus tour 

Experience the northern lights up close and personal with the help of the Northern Alaska Tour Company which will provide you with excellent tour guides that will help you find the best viewing locations in and around Fairbanks.

Rod’s Alaskan Guide Service Aurora Ice Fishing


Season: November to March

Price: $209

Duration: 5 hours

Tour Type: Small fishing group

If you’re looking for a unique way to experience the northern lights, then look no further than Rod’s Alaskan Guide Service Aurora Ice Fishing. Head out onto an icy lake as you dip your lure into the water to catch a fish. As you tell tall tales about the one that got away, you can stare up at the stars as you wait for the elusive lights to make their nightly appearance.

Alaska Wildlife Guide: Chena Hot Springs Northern Lights Tours


Season: Aug to Apr

Price: $220

Duration: 10 hours

Tour Type: Small group spa

Sit back and relax in a warm hot spring as you stare up at the night skies, hunting for the northern lights. The Chena hot Springs are a popular destination for those looking to stay warm in the cold Atlantic winters. Soak up some mineral water and experience the Alaskan wilderness up close and personal.

fairbanks alaska northern lights tours drive
For a low-cost night out, you can self-drive to Aurora Pointe, and pay an entry fee to the cozy cabin there.

Aurora Pointe


Season: August to April

Price: $45

Duration: 4 hrs

Tour Type: Venue usage

At a mere 15-minute drive outside of Fairbanks, you can find the popular Aurora Pointe. Although not technically a tour, the Aurora Pointe is a venue space that includes a fire-lit cabin and plenty of hot cocoa and coffee to keep you warm throughout the cold winter night.

Arctic Circle Aurora Fly & Drive Adventures


Season: Aug to April

Price: $679

Duration: 14 hrs

Tour Type: Small group flight

Why simply drive, when you can go on a small group flight deep into the Alaskan wilderness? Thanks to the Arctic Circle Aurora Fly & Drive Adventures, you can take a flight deep into the Alaskan countryside, far away from any light pollution that may interfere with your ability to experience the northern lights the way they were meant to be seen.

Fairbanks Aurora Tours


Season: August to April

Price: $225 

Duration: 3-4 hours 

Tour Type: Small-group van tour 

When it comes to shorter Fairbanks Alaska northern lights tours, look no further than the aptly named Fairbanks Aurora Tours. Join a small group as you head out into the Alaskan wilderness in a van on a 3 to 4-hour trek hunting for the elusive lights.

dogsledding aurora borealis tour fairbanks

Premium Northern Lights Fairbanks Tour Options ($1,000+)

Borealis Basecamp


Season: August to April

Price: $1,746

Duration: 2 nights

Tour Type: Overnight stay

The Borealis Basecamp is one of the most popular destinations around Fairbanks for viewing the northern lights. Not only do they offer a wide array of elegant igloos for viewing the elusive lights, but they also provide a variety of other winter activities like dogsledding, snowshoeing as well as fat tire biking.

Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge Aurora and Dogsled Expeditions


Season: February to April

Price: $9,895

Duration: 3-5 nights

Tour Type: Overnight with flight

For a truly mesmerizing opportunity to view the elusive lights, look no further than the Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge Aurora and Dogsled Expeditions which will fly you into the lodge that is located about 200 miles to the north of Fairbanks. There, well within the Arctic Circle, you will be pampered in luxury as you wait for the elusive lights to make their appearance in the northern skies.


Well, that wraps up our list of Fairbanks Alaska northern lights tour you can check out this season. These are the most popular short tours we’ve compiled, however if you’re seeking a longer Fairbanks northern lights tours you can find those in our Alaska vacation packages guide.

For more aurora-hunting info, be sure to check out our full location guide on how to see the aurora borealis in Fairbanks Alaska. Or for a more immersive experience, check out these amazing Alaska northern lights resorts (including Fairbanks) where you can stay and hunt auroras as you please.

Happy aurora chasing!

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