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Where & When to See Northern Lights YUKON CANADA

where when to see northern lights yukon canada

Planning a trip to Canada for the aurora? If so, the Yukon should be on your shortlist. In this guide, we explain precisely where & when you’re likely to see northern lights Yukon Canada, to help make your aurora hunt a success.

The Canadian Yukon is a vast and untapped wilderness that provides visitors with some of the most pristine expanses of landscape, rugged mountains, tundra, and crystal-clear lakes imaginable. It is also one of the topmost destinations in the world for viewing the northern lights in all of its glory. When choosing the perfect destination for aurora hunting, more northern lights enthusiasts choose the Yukon over any other spot in the world.

In this article, we help you work out precisely where in the Yukon you can see the northern lights with greatest chances of success, and the best time of year (and years) to plan your trip.

When to See Northern Lights Yukon Canada

Although the northern lights exist year-round, to view them you need to have clear dark skies. As a result, the best time to view the aurora borealis is during the winter months when the nights are at their longest.

Timing Considerations for Northern Lights in Yukon

Months for Aurora Activity in the Yukon

To increase your odds of viewing the aurora, plan your trip to the Yukon Canada northern lights between December and February, as this is the time of year when the skies are at their clearest. When coupled with long, dark nights, your opportunities for capturing a glimpse of the elusive lights increased dramatically. For more timing tips, check out our article on the best time to see northern lights in Canada which also covers the Yukon.

Best Years for the Aurora

While the Yukon is located well within the auroral oval, your odds of capturing a glimpse at some of the most vivid displays of colors increase when you visit the region during the peak of the solar cycle. Our sun has an 11-year solar cycle, which is expected to peak again during the 2024-2025 season, as we discuss in our article on the best years to see northern lights.

Moon Cycle and Other Timing Considerations

Light pollution is the biggest obstacle to viewing a vivid display of the elusive lights, and while there are very few major urban areas in the Yukon, the brightness of a full moon reflecting off of the icy tundra is more than enough to destroy any viewing opportunities. Make sure that when you visit the region to hunt for the aurora borealis, to plan your trip during a new moon.

Where to See Northern Lights Yukon Canada

Best Locations to View Yukon Canada Northern Lights

Dawson City

Dawson City is a popular destination within the Yukon wilderness for viewing the northern lights. The historical city is known for its role in the gold rush and provides visitors with a unique backdrop for viewing the elusive lights.

  • Temperatures Can Get Extremely Cold during the Winter
  • Be Mindful of Accommodation Availabilities and Light Pollution
  • Keep an Eye out for Wildlife Encounters
  • Be Respectful to Local Indigenous Culture and Heritage
dawson city is a popular location for viewing northern lights yukon canada
Dawson City is a popular location for viewing northern lights Yukon Canada.


When it comes to choosing a destination within the Yukon to view the elusive lights, more visitors choose Whitehorse over any other destination. Not only is the city filled with all of the basic urban amenities that you would come to expect on vacation, but the surrounding countryside provides some of the most pristine spots for viewing the northern lights.

  • Road Conditions May Be Affected by Ice
  • Make Your Guided Tour Reservations Ahead of Schedule
  • Book Accommodations and Advanced
  • Plan Your Trip around Local Events and Festivals
whitehorse yukon canada northern lights
Whitehorse Yukon Canada is famous for its northern lights viewing opportunities.


Nothing beats viewing the elusive lights from the shores of a pristine northern lake like Bennett Lake. The serene lake offers amazing viewing opportunities for the northern lights Yukon Canada, and is reasonably accessible from both Whitehorse as well as Skagway.

  • Check for Road Conditions
  • Choose Lakeside Accommodations for Best Viewing Opportunities
  • Respect Local Traditions
  • Pack Essential Winter Gear
carcross canada aurora hunting
Carcross Canada is an excellent base for aurora hunting adventures.

Kluane National Park

While there are many excellent parks scattered throughout Canada, Kluane National Park offers visitors unparalleled opportunities for viewing the northern lights in Yukon. Head out into the expansive ice fields and view the ghostly lights as they dance between the towering mountains.

  • Be Prepared for Wilderness Conditions
  • Wear Extra Layers of Clothing
  • Be Prepared for Wildlife Encounters
  • Obtain Necessary Permits for Overnight Stays
  • Clean As You Go
northern lights in yukon kluane national park
Kluane National Park offers a spectacular backdrop for the northern lights in Yukon.

Teslin Lake

Teslin Lake is one of the largest lakes in the Yukon and provides visitors with a tranquil setting for viewing the elusive lights. The remote destination ensures that there is minimal light pollution, which offers you the perfect conditions for witnessing vivid northern light displays.

  • Plan for Off-Road Traveling
  • Check for Lake Ice Conditions
  • Choose a Lakeside Cabin for Immersive Experiences
  • Respect Local Tribal Traditions
  • Pack Warmly and Bring Emergency Supplies

Haines Junction

If you are unable to get into Kluane National Park due to winter weather, Haines Junction is the next best thing. This popular destination in the Yukon is the gateway to the National Park and provides visitors with unique opportunities for viewing the ghostly lights as they dance through the night skies.

  • Wear Extra Layers
  • Make Your Reservations Well in Advanced
  • Respect the Local Wildlife
  • Check for Icy Road Conditions
  • Support Local Businesses and Artisans

Destruction Bay

The region of Destruction Bay was aptly named as a result of a great storm that wreaked havoc on the nearby lake. This rugged and remote location provides visitors with minimal light pollution and stunning vistas which provide perfect backdrops for some of the most awe-inspiring aurora borealis photos imaginable.

  • Limited Services in the Area
  • Check for Road Conditions
  • Respect the Local Wilderness
  • Pack Essential Outdoor Equipment
  • Bring Extra Layers of Clothing

Old Crow

You will find Old Crow in the northernmost part of the Yukon. This popular destination is located deep within an indigenous community and delivers some of the most unique viewing opportunities of the northern lights Yukon Canada has to offer. Get up close and personal with the local culture as you explore the beautiful countryside hunting for the elusive lights.

  • Respect Local Culture
  • Seek Permission before Photographing or Recording
  • Prepare for Extremely Cold Weather Conditions
  • Coordinate Transportation in Advance
  • Reach out to the Local Community Leaders and Members
  • Support the Local Economy

Watson Lake

Watson Lake is home to the iconic Sign Post Forest and is known for offering some of the darkest skies in the Yukon. The expansive landscapes provide visitors with excellent opportunities for viewing the aurora borealis during the nighttime and ample opportunities to get up close and personal with nature during the day.

  • Respect the Local Environment
  • View the Local Attractions and Outdoor Activities
  • Book Accommodations in Advance
  • Support the Local Businesses and Initiatives


Back in the days of the gold rush, Faro was a thriving mining town. Although today it is more or less a ghost town, it nevertheless attracts visitors from around the globe who visit the region to interact with the stunning wilderness, take in the sights of the town’s mining history, and of course, view the northern lights Yukon Canada.

  • Sign up for Local Guided Tours
  • Bring Extra Layers of Clothing
  • Support the Local Community
  • Check for Icy Road Conditions
  • Respect the Natural Environment
  • Be Prepared for Wildlife Encounters


This wraps up our guide on how to see northern lights Yukon Canada. To quickly recap our main points, make sure to plan into your aurora hunting trip the following.

  • Time of Year: December to February
  • Best of Years: 2024-2025 (Solar Cycle Peak)
  • Moon Cycle: Dark/New Moon (avoid full moon)

When choosing a location, make sure to select a spot with minimal light pollution away from cities, with an unobstructed view to the north. All fo the locations listed here are excellent choices and renowned for their northern lights viewing potential.

Now that you’ve decided on your location and timing, make sure to explore the Yukon accommodation options or an organized northern lights tour of Canada to increase your odds of seeing the lights even further.

Happy aurora hunting!

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