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Looking for tours from Reykjavik to Northern Lights in Iceland? Here we share 15 of the most popular one-evening Northern Lights tours in Reykjavik, by bus, boat or jeep.

Whether you’re already in Iceland looking for a tour to jump on last minute, or you’re still planning out your perfect trip, this comprehensive article will give you the major tour options from Reykjavik. In this article we have covered short, one evening tours and no overnight trips. For the most part these tours are around 4 hours long, thought some are longer or shorter, taking you to renowned aurora viewing spots outside of the city limits.

Unlike some of the longer tours of Iceland, short night tours such as these are a great way to experience a professionally arranged tour on a budget, especially as part of a self-planned vacation. Most of these evening Reykjavik to Northern Lights tours are by bus, but if you scroll down further you will find options for boat and jeep tours as well.

Can you see the northern lights from Reykjavik?

Although many locals will insist that the northern lights can be seen from the center of Reykjavík, the fact is that only the brightest auroras are actually visible due to light pollution. While there are many popular destinations within the city center to view the northern lights, Öskjuhlíð Hill is perhaps the best. At the base of the hill, you will find the Perlan Museum, which features a 360° platform that stays open until 10 o’clock at night.

If you are serious about aurora sighting, a better option is to take one of the short night tours from Reykjavik to northern lights such as those listed below, which will transport you from the city of Reykjavik to Northern Lights viewing spots and away from light pollution.

15 Night Tours from Reykjavik to Northern Lights

Bus Tours from Reykjavik to Northern Lights

Iceland Northern Lights Bus Tour from Reykjavik

This popular tour picks up guests from a large selection of local hotels and guesthouses as well as at a number of bus stops throughout Reykjavík. In order to improve the chances of viewing the aurora borealis, the bus heads out into the countryside. When you get far enough away from the bright lights of Reykjavík, even a low-level intensity Aurora can be seen. You will learn all about the northern lights from the tour guide, as you make your way through the Icelandic countryside.

Tour Combo: Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights

While most northern light tours that originate from Reykjavík are only 3 to 4 hours in length, this combo tour is 10 hours long. You will have plenty of time to relax in the Blue Lagoon and soak up the warm, mineral-rich waters. After spending the better part of the tour relaxing in the Lagoon, the ride back to Reykjavík will provide numerous opportunities to view the aurora borealis.

Warm Baths & Cool Lights

  • Tour Provider: Reykjavik Excursions –
  • Duration: 7 Hours
  • Mode of Travel: Bus

After leaving Reykjavík, the tour bus will travel through the awe-inspiring Þingvellir National Park, before reaching Laugarvatn Fontana. While you are at the Fontana, you will have plenty of time to relax in the warm baths and dine at their world-class restaurant. At the end of the day, as the bus heads back to Reykjavík, the hunt for the northern lights begins.

Northern Lights Mystery by bus

The Northern Lights Mystery Bus will pick you up at a number of different guest houses and hotels in Reykjavík the first-class minibus features a professional guide who will take you out of the city to some of the best destinations in Iceland for viewing the northern lights. Thanks to expert forecasters, every trip will make multiple stops, all in an attempt to locate the elusive auroras.

Northern Lights Bus Tour From Reykjavík

Every guest who joins the Northern Lights Bus Tour will receive an entrance ticket to the popular Aurora Museum Reykjavík. Start your day wandering through the museum, and meet the bus outside after the sun has set. From there, you will head out of the city limits, where light pollution is at a minimum. When you are far enough away from the city center, even the dimmest light shows can be seen with clarity.

Northern Lights & Stargazing (Guided in 10 languages)

While most tours in Reykjavík offer English-only guides, the Northern Lights and Stargazing tour features your choice of 10 different popular languages. Regardless of whether you speak French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or even Finnish, this tour makes it easier for everyone. The bus will pick you up at Skógarhlíð, and drive to a destination that is at least 30 minutes to an hour outside of the city center. There, you will have plenty of opportunities to view the aurora borealis.

Northern Lights Bus Tour

Like many popular tours in Reykjavík, the Northern Lights Bus Tour starts off in the Aurora Museum Reykjavík. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the facts and science behind the aurora borealis, before heading out to one of the many pickup points located throughout the city. This bus tour will also pick you up at a number of popular hotels within Reykjavík. As you head out into the countryside, you will have plenty of hot chocolate to keep you warm as you hunt for the elusive northern lights.

Magical Auroras – Northern Lights Tour

The Magical Auroras Northern Lights Tour is one of the more popular guided tours offered in Reykjavík. After being picked up at any of the numerous pickup and drop-off locations located throughout the city, the minibus will head out into the darkness. As you head further away from Reykjavík city center, the amount of light pollution created by the city lights fades into oblivion, making it easier to view even the dimmest auroras. You will learn a lot about the history, facts, and myths of the northern lights as you hunt for the greenish waves floating through the night sky

Aurora 101 Experience

The Aurora 101 Experience features English-speaking tour guides and a very comfortable minibus. Each guest will receive an entrance ticket to the popular Aurora Reykjavík Museum, as well as a short lesson in photographing the northern lights. The Aurora Basecamp is one of the best viewing locations outside of Reykjavík, and the entrance fee to the Basecamp is included in the tour price.

Iceland Northern Lights Tour

True to its name, the Iceland Northern lights tour is fun and exciting. The live guided tour is conducted in English, ensuring that guests are able to get the most out of each trip. The minibus has enough room for up to 19 passengers, and will even pick up guests from a large selection of Reykjavík hostels, guesthouses, and hotels. After departure, you will head out into the Icelandic countryside and travel far enough away from the city center to ensure that the light pollution does not affect the viewing experience.

Northern Lights Hunt

The northern lights truly are an elusive natural phenomenon. There’s a reason why it’s known as Aurora hunting. This popular northern lights tour offers pickup and drop-off services at just about any point within the Reykjavík area. With the help of our experienced forecasters, the bus will leave the city center and head towards the best location for viewing the aurora borealis. You will have plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of the elusive lights, before heading back to Reykjavík.

4WD Jeep Tours From Reykjavik To Northern Lights

Northern Lights and Stargazing

While many other tours provide a bus or minibus, the best way to get to the most remote viewing destinations is by Jeep. The guide will pick you up at your doorstep, regardless of where you are staying in Reykjavík. To ensure that you are able to view the aurora borealis, this tour also provides unlimited retries in the event that guests are unable to locate the lights. While you are out on the road, you will have the opportunity to view the stars through a high-powered telescope and even sip on homemade hot chocolate.

Northern Lights Hunt & Super Jeep Tour

Heading out into the Icelandic countryside in a decked-out Jeep provides guests with one most memorable experiences imaginable. With the help of experienced and knowledgeable guides, the Jeep will head outside Reykjavík city center, and far into the countryside to minimize the effects of light pollution. As you make your way into some of the more remote locations in Iceland, you will have the opportunity to view the northern lights from locations that no minibus could ever reach.

Boat Tours From Reykjavik To Northern Lights

Northern Lights by Boat

When it comes to viewing the northern lights, nothing is more memorable than hunting for the auroras by boat. All guests will be provided with overalls to keep them warm while they are on board, and the café provides a steady stream of hot cocoa. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes for the ship to arrive at the perfect destination that is just far enough away from Reykjavík Harbor to ensure clear viewing of the northern lights. The guided tour will include plenty of facts and myths about the natural phenomena.

Northern Lights Cruise from Reykjavík

While many northern light cruises will meet you at the harbor, this particular tour offers a pickup service that will meet you at your Reykjavík hotel or guesthouse. Once aboard the cruise ship, you will find spacious decks, and plenty of blankets to keep you warm. There is also a café and bar that provides a steady supply of tantalizing hot chocolate. For those who would prefer to not pay the additional fee for the pickup service, the tour also includes free parking at the harbor.

Final Thoughts on Tours from Reykjavik to Northern Lights

This wraps up our list of short, one evening Northern Lights tours in Reykjavik Iceland. Evening tours are an affordable way to enjoy a professional tour, and worth building into your self-planned aurora itinerary. While the Northern Lights can be visible from Reykjavik city, the truth is light pollution will probably impede your ability to see them well. Instead, you want to escape the city lights and find areas of greater darkness to see them, the same as if you were going star-gazing.

When trying to choose the best Reykjavik tour northern lights for yourself, the main thing to look at is whether it travels away from the city into the countryside. Trips away from the city lights is what you want. After that, consider the rest of the experience – are you happy with a big group on a bus, or would you prefer the intimacy of a jeep tour?

Remember, even on these tours you are never guaranteed a glimpse of the lights. That part, unfortunately, is out of the travel providers control. So make sure you always choose the right time of year to travel for the aurora borealis, and allow at least 4 days (preferably a week) in the auroral zone to give yourself the best chance of seeing it.

Happy travels!

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